13 Tips To Wash Your BJJ Gi

My BJJ Gi journey began in the original Garage Of Truth inside the previous home of Rob Colbert. The first Gi I ever put on was a loaner Gi from him that was an Atami A3. I remember putting it on the first time to train and having no idea how to put the belt on. This can be a topic for another post. We trained inside of the garage for a while and I drenched the Gi I had on. I never realized that the Gi would get heavier with sweat but it sure did get heavy.

After training, as a thank you for letting me borrow the BJJ Gi, I asked to wash it and return it to Rob. My last goal was to not ruin the Gi from this first training session. This is what lead me to ask the questions to learn these thirteen tips on how to wash Gis, that I am passing onto you today. Read the thirteen tips below to stop you from damaging your Gi and to be able to save your Gi for many years to come. 

Hydrogen peroxide bottles are used to clean blood stains out of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gis.
Hydrogen Peroxide

1. Do not ball your BJJ Gi up and leave it in your gym bag on the way home.

2. Air out your sweat-soaked BJJ Gi until you can throw it in the washer

3. Add 1/4 cup of distilled white vinegar.

Add the distilled white vinegar in the wash to help neutralize the smell and keep the Gi staying fresh.

4. Use hydrogen peroxide.

Using hydrogen peroxide and a toothbrush helps to get out any blood as soon as possible after training so the stain doesn’t set. Use hydrogen peroxide before the wash to lift the bloodstain to help it come out in the wash. You can also use it after the wash if the stain does not come out completely.

5. The sooner, the better.

If you have an old stain, you can still use hydrogen peroxide to get the blood out.

6. Only wash your BJJ Gi in cold water.

Warm or hot water will make your Gi shrink!

7. Wash your Gis with similar colors.

This will help to avoid color bleeding.

8. Use a laundry detergent that does not have a fabric softener.

9. Immediately hang to dry.

10. Do not put your Gi in the dryer.

Please don’t do this if you want your Gi to last you a long time.

11. Hang the Gi top and Gi bottom.

Hang the Gi top and bottom somewhere where there is airflow to dry properly. I normally use hangers and hang them in the closet with the door open for air circulation. I also hang the Gis on the back of a chair if no hangers are available.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gis hanging in the closet
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gis hanging in the closet after the wash.

12. Always wash your BJJ Gi after training!

Do you want to be the person responsible for having the funky smelling Gi in class? I think not. Washing your Gi will keep you smelling fresh and help to not spread germs plus bacteria.

13. Never wash your belt!

Just kidding, wash it if you’d like but this is a long-time topic of conversation in the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu world. Need a convo starter? Ask your fellow Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioners what they do with their belts? Let me know what they say. Interested in learning more about us? Click here.

BJJ Gi  white belt with one stripe
Joseph’s white belt with one stripe. Does it look like it has been washed? Take a guess.

These are thirteen tips that help me keep the Gis in good condition. Zach Champagne gave me the first Gi I own, a blue Elite Sports A3 Gi. Thank you Zach for being so generous and helping me at the beginning of my Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Ocala journey. The first Gi I purchased is a white Vandal Viper 2.2 Gi from Dustin “Clean” Denes. The second Gi I purchased is a white Garage Of Truth 93 Brand Gi. Justin Richey, a fellow BJJ enthusiast, as a secret Santa gift, gifted me my fourth Gi, a black Hawk A4 Jiu Jitsu Gi, Christmas 2019. Thank you, Justin!

I hope these tips help you keep your BJJ Gi clean, smelling fresh, and last a long time. Let me know if you have any extra tips or what they say when you ask a fellow BJJ practitioner about washing their belt.

🤙 Oss!

Author: Joseph “Shotty” Schoettler a.k.a Father Joe
Rank: White Belt – 1 Stripe
Training Location: Garage Of Truth Jiu Jitsu, Ocala, FL

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